This one incredible teaching spoke to every thought, longing, and desire I have ever had!

Do you feel a deep longing in your life for something greater? Something more?

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When I found the Theology of the Body, everything changed!

Ever since I can remember, I have felt a deep ache for something more. Something greater. Something fulfilling. In high school, I wanted to give and serve. And serve and give. I wasn’t sure where that desire came from, but it was intense.

As I grew into womanhood, I searched for ways to fill the void. To satisfy my emptiness. I didn’t understand why I experienced such loneliness and hunger. I hoped to find something unique that would complement my femininity and finally satisfy my desire to live it to the fullest.

But there was more to discover…

I knew Jesus asked us to serve the poor a lot in the Bible. So, that’s what I decided to do: study theology and serve the poor. It was that decision that led me to discover the Theology of the Body (“TOB”), a series of writings by Saint Pope John Paul II that speaks to every thought, longing, and desire I have ever had!

Finally, I understood that God uniquely designed me and my femininity; that I was created for given-ness. In this beautiful teaching, I discovered what it means to truly love and give of myself the way God wants for me in my current vocation.

You are called to receive the Eucharist and honor the Sabbath.

God invites you into daily conversation with him in prayer.

You are called to serve and respect the vulnerable.

Our Church stands for life from conception to natural death.

The union of Holy Matrimony is between one man and one woman.

We do not use artificial birth control.

The sexual union is reserved for spouses.

We consider all men and women as our brothers and sisters.

You are created for more than masturbation and pornography.

Celibacy is a sign of something so much more than giving up earthly pleasure.

Bad things sometimes happen.

Love calls you to “will the good of the other” and live this out in your words and actions.








So, instead of studying diplomacy and international law after my canon law studies, I choose to commit my life to study and teach the Theology of the Body more intentionally to beautiful sisters like you. I am convinced that without it, you won’t have the understanding you need to go all-in in your relationship with the Lord, and you won’t understand why:

None of these negotiations, meetings, or presentations will solve our world’s problems if we don’t understand who we are as man and woman in our relationship with one another, and more importantly, with God.

A few years later, I was sitting at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland representing the Apostolic Nuncio, and I had this significant thought: 

I would love to sit with all of you for hours and talk about what TOB means for you and me! 

Obviously, time and resources won't allow for that, but luckily, there will be an occasion soon for you and I to join our brothers and sisters all over the world in learning about this life-changing teaching!

This October 30-November 1, you and I have a unique opportunity to “sit with” and learn from the world’s experts on TOB. These men and women have been studying and teaching TOB for thirty-six years, and they want to explain to us that it is “a theological timebomb just waiting to go off” (Thank you, George Weigel, who is one of the speakers!). By attending, you will open yourself to a whole new world of grace and growth while supporting TOB’s global mission.

Register for the Theology of the Body Congress

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Register for the Theology of the Body Congress

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After spending two whole days diving deep into the Theology of the Body, enter into a quiet time of prayer, relaxation, and reflection. This will encourage you to take the time to truly absorb what you’ve learned and begin to apply it to your daily spiritual walk.

The Stay-At-Home Spiritual Retreat Bundle [Limited Winter “TOB” Edition]

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