I’m probably most well known as a canon lawyer and Catholic writer. Here on my website, though, you can find everything from travel advice, prayer guides, book recommendations, spiritual direction, workouts, garden tips, food and drink recipes, and the opportunity to partner with me on things that are important to you. 

I travel like it’s going out of style, read and write like it’s my job (well, it actually is my job), and I am convicted every day should begin and end with prayer. 

I live in Ohio farm country between Cleveland and Columbus. I am surrounded by farm and lake life (the best of two worlds!), but town is just a stone’s throw away. I can wake up with a cortado and end the day with wine tasting. Just how life should be, I think!

and I’m a country girl!

I’m Amanda Zurface, 

Here on the website you’ll discover entirely free content. I hope you find it helpful, and I hope you’ll check out my social feeds. 

I want you to know true and authentic joy!

My hope for this site is the same as my hope for those closest to me… 

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I want to help you show up with a strong faith that spreads joy, creativity, life, and most of all love! Because we know…life can be really hard. What a consolation it is to know we have one another and that God truly desires our good! 

I am here to help you learn from this season of life, and give you tools to live each day generously and to the fullest.

you are unique and unrepeatable. 

Above all, please remember this...

• Catholic Content Specialist
• Vice-Chancellor
• Canonical Advocate
• Defender of the Bond
• Director of Faith Formation
• Catechist 
• Coordinator of Marriage, Family Life & Justice
• Intern at the Holy See Mission to the United Nations Geneva
• Intern at Caritas Internationalis Rome Secretariat

Current and previous roles in the church

I earned my Licentiate of Canon Law from Saint Paul University, Ottawa, Canada, after completing two years of my canonical studies at The Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), Rome, Italy. I hold degrees in Theology and Social Justice from Ohio Dominican University, Columbus, Ohio. I am currently enrolled in the Divine Mercy University, Sterling, Virginia, Spiritual Direction Certificate Program. 

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 When I saw her page, I had just felt the nudge to seek joy in my life this year. And then I saw her introduction post where she talks about her passion for helping with the pursuit of joy. And if that wasn’t enough then comes her post about her upcoming ebook. I feel like her book aptly titled “Seeking Joy” is something I truly need.

"I really feel like finding Amanda on Facebook has been a godsend."


When I first started chatting with Amanda I felt like I had found a long lost sister! Spiritual direction and canon law consultation with Amanda will undoubtedly be a great blessing in your life. Amanda’s love of the Church and love for others makes talking to Amanda one of the easiest, most natural conversations you may ever have!

"Amanda has a palpable love of the Church that translates into an authentic love of others — that is truly Christlike!"


Reaching out to Amanda was life-changing. My husband and I had some cannon-law questions about our marriage and she willingly became our advocate with kindness and concern for our situation. Thanks to her, we will soon be celebrating our convalidation in the Church! She has been a huge blessing in walking this process with us, in ways that some other church leaders (unfortunately) have not. Amanda is so personable and loving in her work and talking to her is always a delight.  If you’re thinking of reaching out to Amanda, don’t hesitate!

"Amanda's knowledge and spiritual direction has brought peace into my life and helped me learn how to find the joy that God desires us to have."


I recently began spiritual direction with Amanda after a few years of not being able to find someone locally that I would be comfortable with. Let me tell you, it's been awesome so far! I'm so thankful for her and her guidance!

"I'm so thankful for Amanda and her guidance!"

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I know the struggle.

 those who have accrued student loan debt to directly or indirectly serve the Catholic Church. 

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