I’m here to help you discern what steps to take as you pursue God’s will for your life! Here are some of the areas I can help with: 

Do you find yourself needing help navigating the spiritual life? Do you feel like you’ve been stuck for a while? 

Are you looking to move beyond a sedentary life to live more actively and generously?

Have you found yourself in need of a new exercise routine?

Health + Self-gift



Are you struggling with purity and living a life of chastity in the single life, married state or religious life?

Has pornography impacted your relationships and vocation and you need guidance on how to eliminate it from your life?

Purity + Chastity 



Are you looking to find purpose during this season of life?
Do you struggle with loneliness and moving past it?



Single Life 

Are you looking for help with a new prayer routine?
Would you like to deepen your relationship with God, but you’re not sure what steps to take?



Prayer + Discernment

Schedule Spiritual Direction

…Do you simply want someone to talk with about the deeper things in life?

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Applying the Theology of the Body to Everyday Life (10 Sessions + Reading Guide: $600)

Cultivating Gratitude (10 Sessions + Reading Guide: $600)

Discernment 101 (5 Sessions + Reading Guide: $350)

Introduction to Prayer (12 Sessions + Reading Guide: $800)

Healing and Freedom (12 Sessions + Reading Guide: $800)

Living a Life of Generosity and Gratitude (5 Sessions + Reading Guide: $350)

Obtaining Joy (10 Sessions + Reading Guide: $600)

Processing and Understanding Suffering (10 Sessions + Reading Guide: $600) 

Searching for and Maintaining Peace (3 Sessions + Reading Guide: $230)

Receiving God's Love (10 Sessions + Reading Guide: $600)





one-on-one Packages by Topic

* all spiritual direction packages are non-deductible

Complimentary Session — 30 min. (Complimentary)

One Session — 1 hr. (Suggested donation: $35)

Three Sessions — 3 hrs. (Suggested donation: $90)

Five Sessions — 5 hrs. (Suggested donation: $160)

Eight Sessions — 8 hrs. (Suggested donation: $255)

Ten Sessions —10 hrs. (Suggested donation: $330)