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Have you ever felt tired or burned out, or doubted a deeper meaning in the difficulties of life? Do you struggle to find joy in your relationships? Does peace feel like a faraway dream?

If so, sister, you’re not alone! Many women struggle to find their deeper purpose in life and live their feminine vocation. Far too many of us aren’t living in the joy and freedom God desires for us. That's why I've been on a journey with hundreds of women, offering spiritual direction and guidance. I'm passionate about helping each woman grow in her relationship with God and the Catholic Church.

Saint Pope John Paul II said: "The Church desires to contribute to upholding the dignity, role, and rights of women… by speaking directly to the heart and mind of every woman." And as they say, I'm here for it! 

I'm all about walking with you, cheering you on through every season of life. Trust me; I love every bit of prayer and conversation that helps you embrace being God's daughter in the here and now.

I’m Amanda Zurface

I’m a Certified Spiritual Director and Licensed Canon Lawyer.

Have you ever felt disconnected from God in prayer?

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I had been looking for a spiritual director for about four years when I found Amanda online. She is so genuine, so authentic, has such a beautiful and insightful heart, and is most certainly in cahoots with the Holy Spirit. These last few months since I began Spiritual Direction have been full of so much growth.

"Spiritual Direction with Amanda has been one of the most life-giving experiences I’ve ever had."


 When I saw her page, I had just felt the nudge to seek joy in my life this year. And then I saw her introduction post where she talks about her passion for helping with the pursuit of joy. I feel like her guide aptly titled “Practical Ways to Obtain Joy” is something I truly need.

"I really feel like finding Amanda on Facebook has been a godsend."


When I first started chatting with Amanda I felt like I had found a long lost sister! Spiritual direction and canon law consultation with Amanda will undoubtedly be a great blessing in your life. Amanda’s love of the Church and love for others makes talking to Amanda one of the easiest, most natural conversations you may ever have!

"Amanda has a palpable love of the Church that translates into an authentic love of others — that is truly Christlike!"


Reaching out to Amanda was life-changing. My husband and I had some canon-law questions about our marriage and she willingly became our advocate with kindness and concern for our situation. Thanks to her, we will soon be celebrating our convalidation in the Church! She has been a huge blessing in walking this process with us, in ways that some other church leaders (unfortunately) have not. Amanda is so personable and loving in her work and talking to her is always a delight.

"Amanda's knowledge and spiritual direction has brought peace into my life and helped me learn how to find the joy that God desires us to have."


The conversations allow me to process my thoughts with someone who truly cares for my growth in holiness, allowing me to truly move forward in a new direction rather than ruminating on whether I'm making the right choice or if I'm being reasonable.

"I've really enjoyed talking with Amanda and getting her perspective on things."


When I meet with Amanda, her guidance grounds me in my Catholic faith. The way she allows herself to be an instrument to our Lord, is truly inspiring. Her calm, convicting voice and determination to guide me along in my Catholic faith has been so inspiring. I have learned so much about the Lord's love through her expertise. She helps me see the Lord's love uniquely in my life, which I could not do on my own before.

"I am so grateful to have Amanda as a part of my journey."


Amanda is so in tune with the Holy Spirit. Our meetings have left me with great hope that I can grow in Holiness and experience more freedom in my life. She directs me even through follow up emails, going above and beyond.

"Amanda's a gem and I am so blessed to have found her!"


She is kind, patient, encouraging, and always meets me where I'm at. If you get the opportunity to meet with Amanda, you will surely see the heart of Jesus within her.

"Amanda is the best spiritual director I've had!"


She often confirms things that have come up in prayer before I even mention them. She helps me to process what's going on in my spiritual life while fully respecting who I am and where the Lord has me. I feel very free in our sessions, and that's refreshing.

"Journeying with Amanda has been a gift! She listens well, has great insight, and is always encouraging."


She helps me to recognize what I do well, and she encourages me in the places where I hope to improve. Since working with her, I have grown in humility, trust of the Lord, and reliance on the Word. Amanda is wonderful, and I'm so glad we've connected.

"Working with Amanda was so life-giving, and my time with her is always two things: affirming and encouraging." 


Working with Amanda has been so fruitful. Her love of the Catholic faith radiates in the joy that she provides in Spiritual Direction. Amanda runs the race and pushes me along the way in the journey of my faith.

Having another female as a spiritual director is a great blessing in my life; she has given me great insight and kept me accountable with prayer.


My experience of spiritual direction with Amanda has been fun, uplifting, and peaceful. Through our time together, I feel that I am better able to understand the ways in which the Lord speaks to me and how He acts in my life. I am very thankful to have found such a caring, joy-filled spiritual director!"

"In our sessions, the Lord consistently speaks truth through Amanda, and it is always exactly what I need to hear!"

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