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Have you heard of St. Ignatius of Loyola? Or his Examen prayer? Download my guide to this time-tested (and ever-new) short tool to help you reflect and pray your way through your day.

Find God Where You Are With The Examen Prayer (in 5 Easy Steps!)

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Are you ready for more joy? Not sure where to start? For nine-days, I’ll email you a daily prayer, intention, and quote to ponder, to help you make yourself available to God to receive the presence of the Holy Spirit and the fruit of His joy.

Joy Seeker Novena: Pray Nine Days For An Openness to the Fruit of Joy

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If you're looking for a deeper understanding of God's design for you, if you're following a desire to grow and flourish in your physical and spiritual health, or if you're standing in your kitchen and want some new recipes to try out, here's where you can find all three in one spot!

God Created You Body and Soul: Receive Nourishment and Flourish

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Seeking joy doesn’t have to be a mysterious journey. You can take tangible steps to open yourself to the Holy Spirit. Get my free guide to support you in your daily actions and decisions, all while keeping God's invitation to a life of holiness at the forefront.

Practical Ways to Obtain Joy

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Whether your motivations are personal, a way to encourage a friend, or you’re seeking a resource to guide your small group, here’s both a guide and journal to accompany any Joy Seeker’s spiritual and physical goals! 

Praying the Way to Your 5K: 30 Days of Training with God

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If you’re thirsting for more time with God and faith-filled inspiration for reflection, download my 50 Quotes About Joy with Prayer Prompts to invest more time and energy in your relationship with God and the joy he created you for!

50 Quotes About Joy with Prayer Prompts to Inspire You



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