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I never thought I would have my own shop! A way to provide new and creative inspirational items to inspire and support you, Joy-seekers! Shopify works for digital and physical products. So, if you’re a diocese, parish, apostolate, religious community, etc. with items to sell or free downloads to share, this is the way to go!


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Did you know Pinterest is a big deal for your mission? Well, it is! And strategy is important to maximize your reach on Pinterest, or any platform (like Insta.). Tailwind is another automation tool that helps you reach more people and save time. Tailwind analyzes the best time of day to post your pins based on your industry and what your followers seem to like; and it can pin to multiple Pinterest boards with a simple click!


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You can’t be at your computer 24/7, I know. Because you’re out building relationships, evangelizing, catechizing, spending time with your family, or (I hope) making time for a personal retreat. “You can’t give what you don’t have.” Planoly gives you the platform to create your Instagram and Facebook posts in advance and schedule them for the dates and times you want to reach your audience.


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Looking for a beautiful, easy-to-edit website for your creative business? You'll love my designer Mary's Showit website templates! Get 20% off a template in the MK Design Studio template shop with my code: JOYSEEKER

Website Templates

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Do you want an easy-to-edit website to share your fabulous self, your mission, your project? Showit provided this for me. It’s given me a manageable platform to share about true joy and invite women into a deeper relationship with God. 


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Do yourself, and those you serve, a favor by being organized! Track your notes, appointments, projects, invoices all under one digital roof with Dubsado. If you’re still a small organization, it's an excellent free fit - but as you grow, it’s totally worth the investment.


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Are you growing an email list to invite men and women to your next in person or online event? You can organize your email lists with Flodesk. Schedule one e-mail to be sent, or set up a ful lworkflow for opt-ins. Adapt their easy-to-use (and gorgeous!) templates to hep you spread the “Good News”!


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Maybe you don’t have your own brand photos, (yet!). Maybe you want and need attractive images, on a limited budget. Unsplash provides those - for free! My guess: You'll find what you need, AND leave inspired. Download as many as you want, upload them into Canva, and start creating.


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This is my absolute favorite design tool. Simply because you don’t have to be a designer to make attractive designs. What do you want to create: a brochure, Instagram post, wallpaper, newsletter, business cards? You will soon wonder how you ran your apostolate or organization without it! 


I really want to equip your faith-based organization with what works!

What books am I     recommending  these days?!


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Sometimes there’s just not enough time. Am I right? Especially with COVID, you may be looking for new ways to avoid public places. Since I started using Instacart, I save time, money (I don’t buy more than what I need), and it’s an easy way to social-distance, a big plus. Stay in your pajamas, save yourself the drive-time, and Get $10 off!  


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 I am not a big makeup girl, but I have always sought to take care of my skin and look put together. Thanks to my Momma, I used sunblock growing up and routinely saw a dermatologist. Then I found a skin care line with the best natural products. Meet Arbonne!  I use their all-natural makeup, and even found a light enough foundation to compliment my pale Irish skin!


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I sweat, a lot. That’s just how it is. I've been that way since Junior High. A few years ago, I finally found Numi! Numi has helped me be more secure when lifting up my arms. For hugs, while dancing, or hailing a cab (do people still do that?). Numi is an undershirt that soaks up perspiration, saves me from insecurity, and saves my blouses from those dreaded stains! 


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I LOVE adventure at heart! I jump at any opportunity to get out of the office,  drive the backroads or go kayaking. I know God wants us to enjoy life. Dick’s always has the best gear to do just that. For a fun date: take you & your guy on a shopping trip & let your gear determine your next adventure! Text START to 24001 to join DICK'S Text Alerts & Get $20 Off $100! 

Dick’s Sporting Goods

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God made us body-soul persons, and we have to take care of our whole person. This can be challenging. I love to run, walk and bike, but I didn't know how to tone up. Not knowing what exercises to do would keep me from working out, and Pinterest overwhelmed me with ideas. 21-Day Fix on Beachbody Demand is where it’s at. A great place to start, with a chance to learn your work-out preferences. Once you get through it… I know you’ll want to jump into one of their other MANY options; like my current favorite, Country Heat.

Beachbody on Demand

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My health goals accompany me even when I head out the door, or as I work from home on whatever writing or garden project i have for the day. I find that planning my meals ahead keeps my schedule flowing, my body nourished, and my mind at peace that my choices support my goals.  How do I do this? I follow Optavia (5 and 1 Program) and eat Trifecta’s Keto Meal once a day as my Lean and Green Meal. (Ditch meal prep. All my Trifecta meals are made by professional chefs. Want to try it? Use my link and you’ll get free grass-fed beef.)

Optavia + Trifecta

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 I wear Primarily Pure Deodorant. This is an all-natural deodorant. For years, I went with gel deodorants, but I heard rumors that over the counter deodorants had dangerous ingredients that could cause cancer and infertility in women. As I get older, I seek out ways to take even better care of myself, like avoiding ingredients that could potentially harm my body. I use the blue tansy scent and, with that gentle flower smell, I feel a little extra feminine. Nice perk!

Primally Pure

What keeps me healthy + feeling good!